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    Incline increases in flat?


    I am thinking about just doing incline benching for now when I work my chest and cutting flat out of my workout. The question I had was will my strength in the incline carry over or even increase my flat bed bench? The reason is because I will be going out for college football and I know that they have their max days so the top 10 lifts go on a chart and there is no max for the incline but for the flat. I was wondering if I should just not worry about doing an flat or if I should still keep flat bed in my workout?


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    bro, why do u want to do this? just wondering what ur reasoning behindd this is.
    also what position do u play? incline press is def more sport specific especially in line play where a lot of ur ''pressing'' is in an upward motion when ur exploding out of ur stance. ur flat bench will still get stronger while only doing incline but personally i wouldnt cut it out of my routine totally, its always good to change it up and work ur muscles with diffferent lifts. when i played i included both flat and incline in my routine. when i worked out with the team the strength coaches also encorportaed both in their routines as well. switch it up, maybe do flat one week and incline the next. right now when i do chest i do both presses in the same workout, and i switch it up between doing flat or incline first, i also like to change between dumbells and barbells depending on what i feel liek doing that day.

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