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    Need The Hamstrings!!!!

    ok, well my legs are great, i love them except my hamstrings are small as hell in comparison to the rest. i do leg curls at the gym and occasionally RDL's but it doesn't seem like they do anything for them. Can you guys suggest a few exercises for me to bulk/strengthen them up? thanx.

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    straight-legged deadlifts

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    I never really got anything out of straight leg deadlifts, but different things work for different ppl.

    I found that the best thing to do is at the end of each rep, hold and flex your hamstrings at the end of each rep for 2 seconds then slowly do the negative and repeat. Drop sets also work great for hamstrings. Another method is do(aim for) 10 reps, rest for 10s, do(aim for) 8 reps, rest for 10s, do(aim for) 6 reps,rest for 30s and finish up by going as many reps as possible to failure. The key though like i said is really squeezing and flexing that hamstring at the end of every rep and slow negatives.

    I always put "aim for" in parentheses next to the number of reps because each set is always to failure, i'm just giving a general idea of around which rep u want to fail on so u can adjust the weight accordingly.

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    This made an unbelievable difference for me. Since I started incorperating powerlifting into my routine, my hammies have expoded.

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