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Thread: Cardio

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    I have been doing some bike cardio for the last week or so. What I do is go as hard as i can for 2 minutes and then basically go very slow for the next 2 and keep doing this for about 30 minutes. My heartrate is always over 60% and gets as high as 85%. I like this workout because it doesnt kick my ass like running. Is this ok since my heartrate stays up?

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    This type of cardio is great for the heart but will do little for fat loss. Now don't get me wrong you will lose some unwanted bf but not as effeciently if you keep you heart right in the right target range for the whole duraction of you cardio.

    Heart ranges varies for individual to individual.

    If working the cardio vascular system is what you are trying to acheive and you are also trying to increase your personal VO2 max. Then what you are doing will work well for you.

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