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    Forearm/wrist problem - help needed

    It’s starting to look like more than just muscle soreness. The area of my wrist/forearm is like if I was moving my arm like I was ready to karate chop, it’s the bottom of the forearm near the wrist. The pain is magnified when I RELEASE a heavy weight, particularly after doing a curl movement. My bodily intuition says this is more of a technique issue than an overtraining issue. Picture of barbell in front of me, normally the two palms should want to grip it like - -, mine however seem to have a larger tilt so that my grip ‘wants’ to go like \ / (those dashes represent my palm tilt). So anyways, got any ideas? Do I need to see a specialist? Wrap my forearms or what? I do use gloves usually. Today when I was putting down the weight after some heavy BB curls I was like “Shit this is just going too far” So any help or resources you can give are appreciated, I want to nip this before it turns into a major prob cause it’s definitely interfering with training. Note: same pain is felt when I use dumbbells, which is odd since I SHOULD be following my natural path of movement with them. Pain is also felt when releasing the weight I used to deadlift with. It's like the pain is blunted until I relax and then my arm goes "Fuck!"

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    been having the same problem if you do a search on forearm pain my thread should be there somewhere i find curling with a straight bar and a wider grip helps but thats just me hope this helps

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    I go through the same thing when doing curls or shrugs.

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    I had the same problem when I was lifting heavy. But when I used the curved bar it took some of the pain away also when I did cable curls it seemed to not hurt as much but thats just me.

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    I use to get this all the time, whether I was pitching in baseball or heavy barbell curling. It is almost like shin-splints in a way except in your forearm. Take motrin to reduce the inflammation and let it rest for a week or so. If you want to keep lifting just wrap your forearm in an ace bandage to put pressure on it. Although I never went to a doctor, I am fine now. It was probably just tendonitis.


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