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Thread: Stay Hungry

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    Stay Hungry

    I"ve read alot of threads and posts about when to cycle how to etc... For all those in search of the perfect dose drug etc.. Most of these are guy with only 2 years or so under there belt . Try giving you and your body the benefit and not a quick fix. Cus in reality there is none ,you get out what you put out . if you not willing to come out of the gym holding your hand over your mouth in fear of yacking your guts out ,your missing out on your own potential . Your body is a perfectly designed instrument,its up to you to read ,learn and tap into this vital course of actions that are going on and how to manipulate them first. If you dont got atleast 5 years under your belt and signifigant results either in strength or size .Juice isn't the answer ,your own willingness to push it as far as it will go is. Think about it , squating for instance you know as well as I do when you break new ground you make that rep ,or weight everything else is going to come up .You gotta be willing to go there ,to get there. I gotta an old lifting partner that was to eager to sauce up after only lifting a couple years,and after 2 knee surgeries and Cortizone shots in the shoulders weekly got the big fucking picture(its over ) . Its a sport of percision and balls one won't work without the other.Percison meaning you watch your diet and make sure its tight, Balls meaning you look at a certain weight (unchartered waters) and make it happen no matter what , force the body to grow, release and expand.It doesn't come easy .,if it did it wouldn't be as rewarding. Drugs in this sport have there place as in any sport , we use them and they ban em etc... But don't forget what this is all about ,looking good feeling good,and breaking ground . Anybody can dope up and get shit in weeks time , but it takes alot of balls and self dedication to set out on a course of action and to go threw whatever pain,ache,sacrifice to have bragging rights.Go to the gym and tell those guys there that put in the effort your sauced up and see how much repsect and spots you get . Find a focal point of inspiration ... look in the mirror while your banging out those reps and see the magic thats the real deal ...

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    bump for natural.s.

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    i'm gonna go work out right now.

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