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    Best way to bulk?

    what is the best way to bulk?
    low reps like 4-6 of like 6sets
    or high reps like 10-12 with 3sets
    or what about pyrmaid or dropsets or supersets i have know idea what any of these are? somebody please help?!

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    How about posting your stats.
    drop sets- say you have 200 on bench, do 10 reps, take off 10lbs or so, do another 10 reps, take off another 10lbs or so, 10 reps and so on.

    supersets- doing 2 exercises back to back, say, straight bar curls a set of 10, than without rest, tricep extensions for a set.

    pyramid....those big stone structures in Egypt...just kidding, increasing weight and lowering reps each set. 10-8-6-4-2

    As for best way of bulking, increasing calories to start with. Try heavy weight low reps and if that doesn't work just switch it up until you find something that does.

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    Silverice ... I strongly suggest reading Arnold's New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Don't just borrow it from a library, run your ass down to a bookstore and pick up a copy for yourself.

    I still refer to mine today, and I got it two years ago. It has the ABCs of body building; basic and advanced training principles, etc, etc. Everything you need to learn bro.

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