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Thread: Max-OT

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    has anyone tried this program, and how did it work..?
    It looks solid, but almost like undertraining/not enough variation...

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    Ive used ASt's MAXOT program for the last 24 weeks. I too was skeptical at first (undertraining), but at the time I was flatlining anyways so I said what the hell, and gave it a shot.

    Much to my surprise, it actually worked for me, I started last winter during my bulking phase.
    I went up in weight from 163 to my highest weight ever attained , 178.
    This was a big change considering all I was taking was protein, good food, and creatine.

    My strength went up also. Example: My max bench went up from about 21o to 250. Going heavy, does work like they say. Its just overcomming the mental barriers of thinking its not going to work.

    Doing about 6 reps, keeps me focused and intense, and happy knowing that Im not going to be in the gym for hours.

    Give it a shot for about 12 weeks, eat right, and take some good protein, and whatever other supps you want to try.

    I think if I was on gear, I'd make incredible gains, but I have more natural results to obtain before I go this route.


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    I was surprised to see Max-OT training because it's basically what my workout has evolved to through trial and error. Works great to me, but different bodytypes will respond differently.

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