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    I need a good workout...

    I have been lifting off and on for the past year now but just recently I have started lifting "seriously". I want to lift for 1 to 2 years before I start my first cycle but i need to bulk up. What i am asking for is for someone to give me a workout that would bulk me up and add mass. More like a "heavy weight" work out I am guessing? . I only weigh about 150 now but I want to add some major mass and then work on getting cut before I cycle. Can someone post a weekly workout for me that works great when adding mass and bulking?. whatever is given is much appreciated because I dont know what workouts work best.

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    Focus on basic coumpound movements (squat, deadlift, bench, military press) and eat and then eat some more.

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    you've been given good advice

    you'll have to figure out how to split those movements up in a way that works best for you

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    search for bulking....there is some sorta thread..i think called "guide to bulking" or "intro to bulking" good thread with all u need to know.

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