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Thread: Hammy Glute?

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    Hammy Glute?

    i got this pain in my ass when i run it doesnt really hurt but it is tight and i cant extend and really reach out with my left leg because of it. The only way i can stretch and feel it is by standing with my feet in a 90 degree angle and reaching down and touching the inside of arch of my left foot. any ideas what the hell is causing this because it wont go away it helps though to put heat on it before running. I always do warmup very well before sprinting. Should i just rest it more to see if it goes away. I had tried to rest it... i didnt run but lifted for about 4 weeks untill i recently started running again. I felt it slightly when doing leg curls during that time.

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    most likely your hamstring if you need to stretch to the arch of your foot.

    unfortunately all you can do is apply heat before and after working out to alleviate it, and listen to your body.

    be careful and make sure to stop when you feel it start to tweak because a hamstring tear is one of the worst injuries to go through.

    good luck.

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