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    Does sex affect my endurance when i workout at all???

    Ok guys, another question :-D. I m in the prime of my youth(almost 16) an sex is alota fun, but im tryin to hold back because i dunno if it affects the endurance i have when it comes to working out in the gym, ive held back for around almost 5 months an i am getting really fucking sexually frustrated!!!! So if anyone can tell me if sex effects endurance when i work out i would appreciate it! thanx a lot

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    No bro, not at all. In fact you have this question completely ass backwards. Lifting increases your testosterone levels , which in turn makes you more horny, which then in turn increases your sex drive.

    Lift away!

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    get your bone on dude

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    dude, its way to early in the game for you to waste time thinking bout that shit, get some ass, and hit the weights, dont live without either....

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    You're 16, go have fun, but do practice the safe sex thing. Ok, now that I did the grown up thing, the only way sex messes with your workouts is if you have sex anywhere from a couple of hours or so before your workouts. Just don't have sex 2 hours before a workout and you'll have nothing to worry about. Be safe and have fun.

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