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    Considering BIG change in Workout

    I've been lifting for several years, and it has pretty much been low-reps, 4-8 all around for the heavy sets. I'm not finishing with my 10 week GH cycle, and am wondering if i should try high-rep training in between cycles (next i will be using steroids ), anywhere from 12-15 reps, 5 sets total, 2 to failure, very high intensity. What should I expect from this sort of training? Nutrition is there, not a factor - However, I am wondering if I should gradually reduce the reps so when i start the cycle i will be back into the 3-6 range, and hopefully gain tons of quality muscle and strength. I bench around 345, weigh about 230, 15% bodyfat. Anyone think the new rep scheme will add any muscle because of the shock effect? I've read it is good for seperation and hardness. Any information that would assist clarification would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I think you should just try it, that's what I do if shit doesn't work I switch up. Myself I like low reps, I switch to high every now and then and it sucks that you don't push the heavy weights. I know it is more mentality thing with me, if Im not pushing heavy weights I don't feel like im growing to my whole potential.

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    I never stay with a workout more then 3 weeks. Shock the muscles I say. I do 6-8reps for every exercise after warming up, but I only take a 20 second break between sets and 30 second break between body parts. I think high reps between cycles is a good idea to strength the ligaments because when your on AS you'll be trying to push your limits and sometimes limagents give out. That's why you need a good base before taking AS because you normally wouldn't be increasing in strength so quickly and pushing the weight you will be on AS is not normal. I would say gradually decrease reps into your cycle and see where your at, then when you know what your max is, pyramid downwards. 5sets-10reps pyrimad - 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

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