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    Post time for a week off or no

    ok this is the deal. sat i leave for florida with my roomate to visit his famley for a week. i can eather lift for the week that im down there or take it off. my last week off was a while ago atleast 4 moths i think. i lift 5 days a week for about 1 1/2 hours a day <~~~i cant get the time down. heres the real problem a week after i get back well not even. its more like 4 days i am goin to lake george. i will b able to cram 5 days worth of lifting into 3 thats not a problem. but if i do take a week off when i go to FL am i goin to shrink??? i dont wana b all small and stuff for lake george.. im a nut case with this shrinkin stuffim on my 7th month with out havin sex or doin anything of the sort becuase i feel bigger if i just save everything up... how long would it take me to get the pump look back after takin the week off from fl? ok so im basicly askin is do you guys think it would be wize for me to take the week off or just keep on lifting when i go to fl? or will taking the week of cause me to grow some?? i need help on this! it has been keepin me up since sunday night thinkin about it

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    I'd say take the week off. You won't shrink , but your constant pump will probably slightly disappear. Other than that if you keep your diet good, you will probably notice yourself growing a bit since you are recovering from 4 months of heavy training.

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    Take the week off, you won't shrink or lose your muscle. Your body grows when it's in a state of rest, not when you're in the gym. If it's been 4 months since your last break, than it's time for another. Personally I like to take 1 week off every 3 months or so.

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    Take the week off, but try not to eat too much junk food

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    I agree, take the week off... some of the biggest gains I got were in the weeks following a week off... so I now take a week off every 2-3 months.

    My guess is that it gives your body time to recover/repair more completely, and you come back stronger.

    Of course thats my personal experience, other peoples mileages may vary.


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    I'm with the other Bros .. take the week off. One week off every 3 or so months is a very important part of training.


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    Ya take a week off. I will take up to 2 weeks off on legs sometimes and I think ive gotten pretty far with them. And have FUN!!!! on vacation.

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    "im a nut case with this shrinkin stuffim on my 7th month with out havin sex or doin anything of the sort becuase i feel bigger if i just save everything up... "---- In all seriousness...find a girl,,take her with you,, and spend five days in a hotel straight FU___ng!! 7 months is a long time bro,, better you than me..

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