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    HIT or High Intensity training

    Is there any soild proof that H.I.T works?

    I find it kind of a weak program and it may induce injury.

    I was looking at this

    Check that out and let me know what ya think.

    I did this today and Really I was finding my sweet spot on all the weights.
    It was fairly easy and took like 35 minutes. I did get a kinda decent pump but it didnt last long.

    I was thinking I might do it for a while and maybe do 2 sets of any one exercise and also keeping it intense. Kind of like a really good warmup 15 reps and then and intense 8 -12 rep heavy as all get out set.

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    It looks to me like that would work for a relatively small person that's new to working out. I really don't see that working for a person that has a lot of muscle tissue. Just doesn't seem like that woule be enough to stress out your muscles if you've been working out for a while. Unless I'm reading it wrong. Looks like 1 set of 8 to 12 reps per exercise, not including the warmup set. It doesn't look like you'd be particularly prone to injury unless you skip the warmup process. Also seems that excercise program is more of an aerobic stress than anerobic.

    I wouldn't even bother trying it out.

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    go read DoggCrap's 'cycles for pennies' on Animal's board...

    his HIT variant works as does Iron Addict's variant...
    tho some HIT nazis dont agree (but of course the didnt go from 135 to 285lbs either as DC did )

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