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    Ulnar Nerve Impingement?

    anyone have this problem before?

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    You should probably be more specific when you ask a question like this.

    For the people that don't know what the heck Psycho is talking about, an ulner nerve impingement is an injury to the elbow, and it's one of the most common elbow injuries.

    If you've ever hit your elbow on something and it hits your "funny bone", you've hit your ulnar nerve. The impingement is the same thing as corpal tunnel syndrome. Corpal tunnel affects your wrist, when it's in your elbow, it's called cubital tunnel syndrome. So, if you have an ulnar nerve impingement, you have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

    People may say that when you have corpal tunnel you don't just have it in your hand and if you have cubital tunnel syndrome it's not just in your elbow. So I'll explain a little bit. If you have corpal tunnel, the damage is in the nerve in the wrist, but it effects the hand and can radiate up to the elbow and sometimes the shoulder. The ulnar nerve goes down the arm, around the elbow and down to the hand, controling the two smaller fingers, so the pain can ratiate, but the damage itself is in the elbow.

    Cubital tunnel syndrome can be treated with an open operation just like corpal tunnel can. I think the prognosis for cubital tunnel sergery is a little better than it is for carpal tunnel. All they have to do is move the nerve in most cases.

    To answer the question posted, no, I've never suffered from cubital tunnel. But now people who read this will have a better idea if they may have an undiagnosted case of cubital tunnel.

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