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    The Dreaded Slump

    Well its been probal three months since I have gone to the Gym Consistantly.
    I just got into a massive slump and at the time had a bad training partner who always wanted to just run, so i could never get a good work out and it eventually led to a slump of Basically not working out.

    I feel like crap now, look like crap compared to what i use to.

    But somthing motivated me to start a serious BBing routine again.
    belive it or Not it WAS Arnolds Pumping Iron Movie.

    I know alot about Working out, But this time around i want the help of my fellow Anabolic review members in Building a Work out routine that will Help pack on serious amounts of Muscle. Even though i know enough about nutrition, i also want help with that.

    My current stats are

    185 lbs
    17% Bodyfat (yuk)

    anyways any help is greatly appreciated!

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    good for you bro, i've been in a slump a lot of time, the best thing you can do is just get in the gym and lift, it always inspires me to watch some big mofo throwin around massive weight like it's nothin' Pumping Iron is awesome too!!!

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    start lifting bro..

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    It's great that your motivated again. I'm sure you know enough about training and nutrition to get you going again. Try finding a dedicated partner (I know it's hard) to keep you motivated. Good luck

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