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    Critique my workout

    Here's my workout program...been sticking to it too long i suppose...need you guys to reccomend ways to shake it up..:

    Mon: Chest/Tri
    Tue: Delt/Bis
    Wed: Off
    Thur: Legs + abs
    Fri: Back + abs
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Off

    I train using 8-12 rep range, heavy weights, 2-3 minute rest between sets. 12 total sets for each big muscles (chest, quads, back) and 9 sets for each smaller (Bi, Tri, Delt, Calves, Abs)..workout lasts anywhere between 60-90 minutes...NO CARDIO yet!

    First of all: Is this current program good?
    Second: Even if it is, I've been on it too to shake it up for busting my plateau?

    answers appreciated

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    yeah you shouldn't stick to the same routine for too long... no more than a couple months imo... theres many ways to change up your routine... and many ways to shock your body... get arnold schwarzenegger's encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding.. 750 pages, very informative w/ pictures n' everything. in the process of reading it now

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