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Thread: Boxers workout

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    Boxers workout

    Why is it that every boxer I see is ripped up. Has anyone here ever boxed? Does doing a boxing workout help harden your muscles? I would imagine that boxing works every muscle in your body.

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    I box and the workout is all cardio and stamina. Burn lots of calories and stay lean is the idea. Its a tough workout !!

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    It's the nature of the sport. You fight in weight classes, so if you're carrying any fat, you're at a disadvantage. When i boxed i was around 5% year round... i'd jump rope (not stationary, you have to move around with it.) an hour a day, heavy bag an hour every other day, speed bag half hour every day. On top of that, hundreds of situps, pushups, pullups. No weight training whatsoever, with the exception of dumbell squat jumps every third week. But i fought in featherweight, so it wasn't hard for me to keep such a small amount of mass on my frame.

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    I just got my a*s smoked by this little f*cking boxer dude. I stay in the gym and this guy is as big as my leg and he burned my a*s. I take my hat off to boxers thier one of the finest condition athletes on the planet.

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    Like the guys say, cardio!. Even heavy weights like me carry little fat around.

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