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    leg training with a lower back problem

    i had a lower back scan (dont know the name in english but it's like an rx, but more precise...) and they found out i have a problem, not a big one, on the disc between L5 and S1.
    went to see the physioterapist that after couple of times, almost fixed my problem (doing strange things to my sacral bone, my neck, my glutes, etc etc).
    suggested me to avoid... to forget Squat and do frontal leg press with a 45° seat (is a Technogym Press where you can choose 3 different seats: L --> 90° or / --> 45° or 180°, kinda of lyin hack squat) coz he told me that in that position there is less stress on my lower back.. and honestly seems hes right!
    just made couple of changes to my legs routine and is fine, but im here asking to you some others ideas!
    so, please suggest some routines (includin hamstring and calves), rememberin i have not fixed my lower back problem!!!
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    You should ask the therapist if you can do anything to help strengthen the muscles around the lower back. With that kind of problem you should really get all of your excercises from your doctor or your therapist.

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