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    Question to anyone who has had lipo.

    I had some questions to any guys who have had lipo. I have love handles and a gut and if I don't get rid of them in 6 months I plan on getting lipo suction. My questions are:

    1) How much did it cost?

    2) Did insurance cover it?

    3) What were you like after the operation? Were you out of work for a while? Were any everyday activites restrcted for a while?

    4) How long after the operation do you have to wait before working out again? Days? Weeks? Months?

    I'm 6 215 24 years old.

    Any other info would be great.

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    290 you're going to get liposuction to suck some fat out of your stomach? what about the fat everywhere else? ...fat isn't just stored in one place, it may be stubborn fat but that fat will be possible to burn. liposuction won't solve anything, that's like treating the symptom of a problem, you need to instead treat the cause. if you lower your total bodyfat you will lose the love handles

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    DO NOT F With Lypo... INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER IT! The amount of money you'd spend on it is ridiculous unless you make 100K a year. Use that money to work out (diet, supplements, some winstrol work wonders) Figure the hours you have to work to make that cash and SPEND THOSE HOURS IN THE GYM. Please, for yourself, stay away from it. Plus losing it naturally will be 1,000,000,000,000 times better for you!

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