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    Workout Critique

    Ok.... currently doing a cutting diet, but I think I may not be lifting correctly. Just wanted to see if my Routine is decent.

    AM Cardio Every Morning on Empty Stomach for 45 minutes

    Monday: Chest 4 Sets an Exercise
    - Bench 5-8 reps depending on weight
    - Incline Dumbell 10-12 Reps On Medium Weight
    - Decline Bar 8-10 Reps Medium Weight
    - Flys 12-15 Reps Medium to Heavy

    Tuesday: Bicep 4 Sets an Exercise Heavy Weight 8-12 Reps
    - 21s Heavy Weight
    - Preacher Curls Heavy
    - One Arm Preacher Curls
    - Straight Bicep Curls
    - Universal Machine

    Tricep 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
    - Dips w/ 45 pound plate around waist
    - Universal Machine Straight Pull Downs
    - Skull Crushers
    - Over The Head Dumbell
    Legs 10-15 Reps Medium Weight
    - Calf Raises
    - Leg Press
    - Quad Raises

    Thursday: Back/Shoulders 10-12 Reps 4 Sets Each
    - Lat Pulls
    - Pull Ups
    - Universal Machine Straight Back Pulls (don't remember the name)
    - Another Lat Pull Type Machine
    - Shrugs
    - Up Right Rows
    - Shoulder Flys

    Friday: Chest/Bicep/Legs
    - Dumbell Bench
    - Incline Bar
    - Decline Bumbell
    - Bicep - 21s
    - Preacher Curls
    - Legs: Press, Calfs, Quads Raises

    Saturday, Sunday: Cardio 2x no lifting

    How does this look? Good bad? What do I need to change? I want to work legs in more but I can't seem to find the time/days to do it the right way. Any ideas?


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    it looks like your doing an upper body workout three days in a row which isnt good, give the muscle time to rest, its the only way they will grow. throw your tricep day withj your bicep day. . .also looks like your doing more then you need to for biceps, triceps and just about everything, and again another leg day would be good, no need to train the upper body that much or it wont grow ya feel me, i hope that helps ya bro

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    yeah too many sets for the biceps and you need to do squats.

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    D amn! Bro 16 sets for your biceps? That does look like too are working your upperbody too much as well, and thats not going to give it time to grow . Try this type of split. It's the average split yeah, but if you need anothe split after a couple weeks PM me and i'll write a program up for you and the sets you should do to prevent overtraining.

    Monday: Chest/Triceps , chest 6-18 sets. Triceps 6-12 sets.
    Tuesday: Biceps/Back , Back 12 sets, Biceps 12 sets.
    Wednesday: Off (or you could do abs since they recover so quickly)
    Thursday: Legs I dont know what you would do for legs...but i'm doing about 12-15 sets for legs.

    Friday: Shoulders 10-12 sets.

    Saturday: off
    Sunday: off

    Hopefully this will help you out some....Just remember, Squat and GROW!

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