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Thread: chest & tris

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    chest & tris

    I do a chest workout twice a week. On the first day of the week, I start off heavy with bench and then do incline and the next time I do chest, I start off heavy with dumbell incline and then do bench.

    Here is my problem: When I'm approaching the last couple of sets on my second exercise (either bench or incline) I notice my triceps fatigue quicker then my chest. For example, on my last couple/few sets, I have trouble locking out the last few reps. I can get the weight off of my chest fairly easy, but my triceps fatigue quicker then my pecs and I feel it might be detering from my chest workout.

    What do you suggest I do in order to make my triceps last when I'm doing chest?

    Any info. would be great. Thanks!


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    Thanks Diesel!

    If I did a chest workout only on Monday (for example). What would you say is a good chest workout. ie. exercies, sets, & reps?

    This is my plan, tell me what you think.

    I've committed myself again to my body about 4 weeks ago. The first three weeks, I was doing three sets of 12 and now I'm doing three sets of 10 for the next three weeks. The I'll go down to three sets of 8 for three weeks and then I'll go down to four sets of six for the last three weeks. After that, I'm planning to start mixing things up and start lifting real heavy. I'm trying to give my muscles a crash course in endurance before I start going large again.

    This is what a typical chest/tris day at the gym consists of for me.

    Bench (see sets & reps above)

    skull crunchers
    reverse extensions

    does this make sense of should I make some changes?

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    looks fine

    I would suggest this: make sure you have at leave 2-3 days rest between tri's and next chestworkout. I personally found working tri's after chest too hard, as you say they are worked hard during pressing movements. Might want to do, chest/bi's on day 1, back tri's on day two, and arrange you split so you get 3 days before chest again. Personally i think 1x per week per muscle group is enough if your pushing hard.

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