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Thread: lifting split

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    lifting split

    i was wondering if working out 5days a week with weights and 2days off is too much rest while on the juice? my current split is starting monday-chest, tues-back,wens-off,thursday-shoulders,fri-arms,sat-legs,sun-off. and i was wondering if i should take advantage of the juice and its ability to help you repair muscles quicker, that i should lift: mon-chest, tues-back,tris, wens-legs, thursday- shoulders,bi's, sat-off, sunday- restart with chest. let me know if you fellas think that that would become overtrainning? and if you have any better splits. also if you think theat the jucie actually allows you to work out more frequently, or if it has noaffect.

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    When Im 'on cycle' I NEVER train anymore than 5 days a week. You can still overtrain while juicing, I find that 4 days a week is perfect for me but sometimes i throw the extra day in for fun. Just see what works for you, theres no set way to train, its what ever works for you.

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    train for 4,3 off. my training days i feel all carbed up and really to go,very very good workouts.

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    id go 3on, 1off, 2 on, 1off. thats 5working days, 2off, and its great..

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