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    The importance of proper form

    A good friend of mine who is (was, now) a competitve BB had an Anterior cervical disc fusion with plates and screws on C5-C6 3 months ago. He now is going to have a lumbar laminectomy/discectomy L4-L5 with possible instrumentation for L4-S1 on Tuesday. His Neurosurgeon told him that his days of competitive BB are over and his S1 vertebrae is mush. He will never be able to lift heavy again. How many times have we been lifting and cheated on our form. I am as guilty as the next but this has been a valuable lesson. The Lesson we can all get out of this story is no matter how much we know about gear, supps weights and training, no matter how much you can lift, without proper form this can happen to you. Just my 2 cents worth. Lift safe

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    Good advice anyone can lift but using proper form is the only way to go

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    I like watching people with bad form i have to laught...

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    Ya no doubt, it sure is funny watching ppl with bad form. Only if they realized that it would be benifical to them if they go lite and work with proper form instead of going heavy with screwed up form

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    What really bothers me is when some big dude starts talking to some guy who will listen and then starts telling the guy what exercises to do AND he shows him the exercise w/ improper form because of his giant ego for big weights. The big guy leaves, and this other guy continues to use weights he can't handle.

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    Sound advice, but you guys know as well as I do that most newbies are not going to sacrifice weight for form. Why would they lift properly when they arenít able to do as much weight that way? I had to learn this over time and Iím sure that every one of you did as well. Itís just like telling a new kid that he as to train legs once and a while when every time you see him heís doing chest or biís. Itís just one of those things thatís got to sink in over time. Try to tell most kids this now a days and they look at you like youíve got a 3rd eye or something. Live and learn!

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    well i think good (not great) form is important however for mass i belive that you have to train HEAVY .... i dont follow the one slow controlled type training .... i think once the mind muscle link connection has been obtained the pace of the workout can speed up i mean you look at all the natural bb over time theytrain slower etc... but when did they put on all that mass? in their youth ! when they trained heavy ..... not dont get me wrong i train with good form but some exercises are a little messier than others eg barbell rows im doing with 222lbs currently (undergrip) i weigh 200lbs so its always just a little jerk in there ... but most is pretty clean ... i lose intesity when i train slow...

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