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    Going to a dermatologist on cycle

    I'm 18 , 161 lbs and 5'7. I started a cycle on June 20th of TEST E
    250 mg administered twice a week monday and midday thursday
    ive experimented from 12.5mg aromasin to 25mg aromasin ed and have found a good spot at 12.5mg everyday because it is cost effective and doesnt retain that much water and my mental health still feels good.
    For 2 weeks I have taken dutasteride 0.5mg a day and I switched to finasteride 1mg for three days somewhere in between before switching back. I know switching is stupid but I'm not going to again.
    I tried 0.5mg of letrozole somewhere in the past 2 weeks and realized how strong it was and read a lot about it so i never took it again. I have taken four shots of HCG , 250mg each.

    I have a dermatologist appointment on August 1st. I have been losing hair before I started AAS and it has stopped because of the dutasteride, rogaine, and ketoconazole shampoo I used on cycle and havent lost hair since. Im on Remeron, Welbutrin, And Prozac. I have been losing hair forever.
    My mood is alright , a little less happy from when i was not on dutasteride but rather feel like shit for a couple of days than lose hair.

    So I cant get a blood test done, I am mpb Prone but have enough dutasteride and finasteride for the next six months. Should I go and refuse a blood test because Im pretty sure its antidepressant related and just take dutasteride for the cycle and finasteride when off and then go again and get a prescription for finasteride. Or what. IDK WHAT TO DO and I cant get caught and my parents will murder me if I get caught. Its in 2-3 days bro.... What do i have to worry about idk

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    Word to the wise.. you are 18 years old and on gear? Plus a bunch of anti depressants?
    Sorry not to give you the expected answer but you're ruining your entire base with your gear right now.
    Dial in your diet, train hard, hit a plateau and THEN start the gear. There is no reason for a 18y old to run any gear.

    Regarding your blood test I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt they will check your test levels but something else might indicate the use of gear which you can blame on some supplement or something else.
    We don't know your parents and how advanced they are when it comes to things like that. If you can't fool them and have to worry about getting caught by your parents, you really should stay far far away from any gear.

    I jumped on gear at age 25 and now wish I had waited at least 5 more years! It makes it so much harder to gain when your foundation is already built on gear. You're doing a lot more harm than good to your body right now.

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    Man you need to stop your cycle and hope you haven't caused yourself permanent damage.

    Read these

    What PCT do you have lined up?

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