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    Read the Stickies still confused about which tests to order.

    Hey guys, I want to order blood tests, I'm assuming online is the best way, I'm in Illinois, not sure if thats a problem. Was looking at privatemdlabs . .com but I'm not sure which tests to order.

    How much the test usually cost you guys?

    I don't have insurance and I have no idea what my health is like, I could have kidney problems or all kinds of issues, I'm 26 and I'm hoping the tests are affordable seeing as I need to do them 3 times per cycle.

    Could someone with experience please give me specific advice on what I should order for my Pre-cycle blood tests? Or several Options? The only detailed posts I can find are from 5 years ago and they're still confusing as hell to me.

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    Seems like your looking for pre cycle labs in preparation for your first run.

    The Hormone Panel with Estradiol Sensitive and Testosterone LC/MS-MS should meet all your needs.

    This assay normally costs $107.

    Here is a coupon for 15% off valid until the end of the month; JAN2018.

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