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    Bloodwork to test legitimacy of HGH

    I've just got my hand on what looks like high quality Pfizer Genotropin 36 UI pens. Serial code different for each pen, no detectable imperfections in packaging, relieable reviews from the source, etc.

    I'm planning on doing a bloodwork to ensure my HGH is legit and well dosed before i spend thousand of dollars on more of these pens.

    I know HGH remains active in the system for only a few minutes. How would you do the bloodwork to ensure a reliable result?

    I plan on using 6 UI a day

    For now, i was thinking on pinning 6 UI every morning for two weeks, and the day of my bloodwork, I would pin 10 UI the morning, an additional 10 UI exactly 3 hours before the bloodwork and a last 10 UI 1 hour before the bloodwork

    I would be testing for HGH serum levels and IGF 1 levels.

    What do you guys think?

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    IGF levels take about 6 weeks to build up. So when testing for IGF make sure you've been on about that long.

    For HGH Serum levels
    - fast at least 8 hours
    - take 10iu shot EXACTLY 2.5 hours before the blood test

    For IGF you'll take a shot of 10iu about 8 hours before your blood test (to test peak IGF levels)

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