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    Pre Cycle Blood Work

    Hey guys,
    Looking for a bit of guidance regarding my recent bloodwork. I havenít cycled in quite some time however have felt as though my levels were off. I did a hormone panel and am concerned with the results. Tests is quite a bit lower than it was a few years back. Estrogen is high and AST is high.

    I have been feeling as though Iíve been fighting an uphill battle with the gym and physique. Not to mention just all around with fatigue and feeling of lethargy etc.

    Iím 31 I am in the gym usually at least 3 times a week. My diet has not always been the best but not the absolute worst and Iíve been slowly cleaning it up. Iím kicking it into high gear and in the gym closer to 4-5x a week and started my MMA training again as well. In addition to these things what can I do? I havenít brought it to my PCP yet because I usually get shrugged off. I know levels fall after 30 and my prior test was 3+ years ago. I also underwent a vasectomy which not sure if matters or not. But just looking to understand a bit more.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Curious about your bf% and your drinking habits or use of pills.

    Something has you converting excessive test to estrogen.
    Something is elevating your AST.

    What is your height and weight?
    Do you drink alcohol? If so... how much?
    Any prescription or recreational meds?

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    Thanks off the response.

    Bf is up I would estimate ~22%. 5’9 210lbs. No recreational pills. Yes I drink alcohol. Over the last couple weeks it has been more than usual, I would say about 4 times a week. Prior to that it was limited to weekends, however it was definitely in excess on the weekends.

    As a way to get back on track provided nothing is alarming, I am cutting out alcohol completely for at least the next 30 days.

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