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    need help for ruckmarches/hiking

    Hey guys,

    I am a combat reservist in canada (infantry), we just this last wknd finished an excersize (FIBUA) and at the end we did a 13K confidence march in 2 hours (2 hours 4 minutes exactly)

    we had no time for prep, so no second-skin or anything. wieght in the rucksack varies from person to person, but ussually its anywhere from 40-50 pounds, the rifle is around 12 pounds

    anyways, does anyone have any tips (eg, good boots, insoles, fitness routines etc.)


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    Fresh socks are a must...... Broken-in boots are a key also.

    I prefer jungle boots light and good vents
    Before go on a hike with your boots etc. etc. while hiking feel for hot spots on your feet put pads or bandages where the hot spots are.. I would not were two pairs of socks due to blood flow.... your toes with numb up

    If your hiking in winter your going to suffer if you have to were cold winter boots your feet will sweat (4 years of 10th Mtn. infantry Bravo 4) I had alot of hikes...

    As far as training its simple take your ruck home put a full sand bag in and hike.....

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    Bates light's boots they are the best. Marine grunt i know about forced marching. Fresh Socks also....

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    Yup, fresh socks, broken in boots and vasaline on your feet. The rest is down to conditioning and preparation..

    Now if you don't mind I'm going to move this over to the lounge.

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    try turning your socks inside out, i know it sounds stupid but it helps prevent blisters on your feet (toes esp). if your lucky enough to wear what u want on your feet do it, i know we couldn't. use foot powder but not too much. since they usually give u a couple of minutes of rest about halfway through use that time to change your socks.

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