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    Expo was pretty great

    Just got back from GNC Show of strength pro expo and stood next to ronnie coleman,kevin levrone, vince taylor, aaron madron, brock lesner, chris cormier, mike materatzo, and bob chicerillo and lee priest.

    here is my analysis of what I thought after being next to a pro for the first time in my life

    Brock Lesner- not a bodybuilder but still is recognized for his humongous physique, well I wasn't that impressed, He is not as tall as I expected and not as big either, but still larger then most bodybuilders

    Lee Priest- wasn't as short as I expected pretty good size on the guy but still not as huge as i had imagined

    Ronnie coleman- for being the king of bodybuilding at the present I thought he was big but not Ronnie coleman big, I expected more I guess, He seemed like a nice guy just not the monster I expected

    Kevin Levrone- didn't talk much in fact never looked at me once, seemed distant like something was wrong, good size boulder shoulders but once again not the size i'd expected

    Aaron maddron wasn't big again but still impressive physique

    I was somewhat impressed with mike mazaratto and bob chicherellooo they seemed pretty damn big to me,mike looked kinda freaky but maybe it was the shirt he had on and bob had jacket on but he is what I would like to look like

    Vince taylor and chris cormier def has some freaky mass but once again not the gigantasores I had expected to stumble upon,

    Maybe I had my hopes up too high of these great giant hulks and yes they are big just not what I expected. Oh and yea i know my spelling was way off but i wrote in a hurry

    The expo was awesome, five free t's and 3 free shaker's and tons of samples, free protein drinks and tons of free bars. ill tell you guys how tom goes

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    Still sounds like a great time...grab me a bar while you there please


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