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    Hellraiser: ORIGINS

    Trailer for the upcoming, rebooting of the Hellraiser franchise!

    I don't know if anyone has seen these films, they are from the creation of the brilliant Clive Barker however the first two films are the only really good ones. The third was okay and everything after that was a pile of sh|t!

    There is a new Pinhead but I hear Clive Barker will be helping to make this and I heard Doug Bradley who has played Pinhead in the originals will be featured some how.

    I'm usually dubious about remakes or reboots but i'm strangely excited for this!
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    Love the first two Hellraiser films. The third was so-so and the start of the decline, however, it did have the band Armored Saint in it (I think that's who it was, been awhile). I have seen every one of them (except the last I think), unfortunately just because of the name.

    The trailer looks cool, but I can't help but notice Pinhead's voice sounded terrible. Maybe its because I'm so used to Doug Bradley, but man, if there was a Hell, and Pinhead was there to greet everyone, I would totally hope his voice would sound a lot cooler than that. Regardless, I'll definitely see it.

    Hopefully they will have the other Cenobites as well.

    'Jesus wept'
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    IDK man I like the original too and this was looking interesting right up until Pinhead opened his mouth and spoke. I about laughed when I heard his voice. I don't think I could stand 90 minutes with that in there. Hope they don't screw it up too bad.

    I really wish Hollywood would move on there is a lot of original content out there that will scare the crap outta people why revisit old classics???

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    this movie crossed my mind the other day...well the original ones..

    looks like it has potential...pinhead need more pins in his face...which looks more like bolts....gotta see a more in depth trailer though

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    Looks awful no offense

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    It’s not an actual project. The Teaser have been made to make a case for an actual reboot of the franchise.


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