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    Do you guys think that 200 of test and 200 of deca a week is a good choice for a first timer/? Or should I go 400 of test 300 of deca instead?

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    CYCLEON Guest
    yeah i think 400/300 would make a nice stack. first timers have made gains off of 250mg of test alone but the above is a good combo - the dbol for weeks 1-4 woold be nice but not strictly necessary.


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    Mike Guest
    Not at all necessary - everyone will recommend this to you but IMO you do NOT need it for your first cycle - in fact why fuck your liver? You would be amazed at what gains youd make off 500/400 anyway

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    CYCLEON Guest
    mikey - 25mg of dbol for 4 weeks will have less effect on his liver than a friday night out in college! I agree he doesnt have to have it but u talk to him when hes been juicing for 2 weeks and comes on here and says "im not feeling anything" - also i dont believe that he needs as high in the injectables as a steady dose but the problem is that for those slightly lower doses it does help to have a kickstart- and its cost effective. truth is hes going to grow on darn near anything, best to pick up as few sides as possible.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    Cycleon, gotta luv ya man.

    Is this a fact or rumour?

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    Mike Guest
    well for one I dont think I have EVER recommended someone cycle 25mg of dbol - just too weak IMO - and you said:

    "best to pick up as few sides as possible"

    THAT's exactly why i dont think dbol is necessary - its not all about liver - I know 4wks aint gonna be that toxic but he then has to think about estrogen sides and all the other crap

    But would dbol give good gains with this cycle? Yes. Does he need it? No. Will it big that big of a deal either way? No.

    As for doses on the oils - you may be right - personally I have found no gains that were worth what i paid and went through with doses under 500/400

    So maybe the answer would be to load up with 500/400 for 3wks then tone down the doses - that what you are recommending?

    Oh yeah and about this -

    but u talk to him when hes been juicing for 2 weeks and comes on here and says "im not feeling anything"

    DAMN good point

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    CYCLEON Guest
    LOL- IG - my "scientific study" will soon follow, u can be sure!

    Mike - im not a deca man so ill leave it to your wise words (tho dbol and test are my thing)

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