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    My buddie at the gym the other day said that a guy offered him some injectable dbol . Is this possible, it seems the only dbol anyone talks about is the pill

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    Yes, there is such a thing. However, the reason why you said the only thing anyone talks about is the pill, is because the pill is so much more conveniant and no one wants to deal with the injectable. This is because the crystals of liquid d-bol are so big that 25 mg per cc is the max that can be dissolved. a true give away if the product was fake would be if someone said they had 50 mg/cc or 100 mg/cc d-bol. This is impossible for this drug. Since 1 cc contains only 25 mg, it requires an injection every day or better yet, twice a day. This is because it stays in the system for a very short period of time. Even with a small 23 gauge needle, it gets to be a pain after a while. There are some who are big off liquid d-bol so if your bud doesn't mind the hassle then tell him to go ahead. Just make sure it isn't more than 25mg per cc. Hope this helps bro. peace

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    just drink it!!

    i assume you are talking about reforvit-b.just drink the shit.

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    Re: just drink it!!

    Originally posted by partyboynyc
    i assume you are talking about reforvit-b.just drink the shit.

    you beat me too it bro..........................

    peace bb79

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