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    hey guys
    iwas looking for some info on
    deca50 and ilium stanabolic
    any help would be good and also my trainer said i have to use
    2mls of deca 50 on wednsday and
    2mls of the ilium on monday and friday
    im not real sure but it says for a horse weighing 100kg
    to use 1ml a week
    and i weigh 125kgs and have to use 4ml a week is this right

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    get a new trainer

    or at least one who can give you more advice on your cycle than that!!!winny twice a week?and only 200mgs of deca /wk?not gonna cut it IMO.very least i would suggest 400mgs of deca and winny 50mgs eod or ed.i'm not sure how long you are planning this cycle for?

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