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    no gains/bad side effects/response from thread 1

    Thanks for your responses.

    I currently inject exactly those amounts. I started with 500mg of sustenon per week,with 150 mgs of primobolan , then increased the dosage the second week to what I'm currently taking right now. I would inject more, but the more I take the more fatigued I get and my ass is in a lot of pain

    My diet consists of about 50% protein and 50% complex carbs. I eat about 3000 calories per day.

    My workout consists of lifting an hour 3x per week. I used to be able to do more, but the amount of steriods I'm taking makes me tired.

    The steriods are organon and schering. The sustenon is packaged as an injectable and has blue writing on the foil. The bottle of primobolan has green writing on the bottle and the bottle of primoteston has blue writing.


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    How old did you say you were?
    I can see that you do not eat enuogh or train enough.
    Steriods will help you, but you need to help the steriods. Understand.

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    see bro?
    all you have to do is be specfic, big traps nailed one of the problems right away, and other bros will help on this too im sure. i'll bump it for ya ok?

    peace bb79

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    well if yo are on a HIT program, and your intensity is where it should be - 3 hours a week is just fine (not including aerobic) perhaps too much.

    your diet tho is a major problem - gotta be eating more - cant build without fuel!!!!!!!!! need to up your calories by 50% or so. remember to add some good fats in there as well - no fat is baaaaad, not talking about pork rinds of course.

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