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    new winter new cycle

    ok that will be my 4th cycle ..ive used deca ,sustanon ,test ena,d bol,test susp,parabolan

    for now i think to be something like that:

    week 1-4 40mg dbol ED
    week 1-12 sustanon 250 500/750mg week
    week 1-10 deca 500mg week
    week 9-12 anadrol 50 50mg/ED

    ok i'm not sure for how long to run deca..week 1-10 or week 1-12? its too long?

    not sure and about the anadrol...

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    i would stick to 500 or 750 for the test, not change it if thats what ur planning, 500 deca is ok run them both for 10 or 12 weeks whichever you prefer. I wouldnt run drol at the end?? kinda strange thing to do, most people wanna harden up at the end not bloat up like a balloon and look all puffy, specially cos after u will loose all the water and start to feel like ur losing everything you gained.

    I would run as i said but get rid of the drol, if you are doing 12 weeks add winnie 9-14@50mg ed. Then 2 1/2 weeks after you finish ur injections and about 2-3 days after u finish the winnie go straight onto pct.

    I would also run liquidex/arimidex /femara ed throughout the cycle and keep nolva on hand


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    another option you might want to comsider is running anadrol weeks 1-3 them the d-bol weeks 4-7. After that id run the deca like you said at 55mgs a week but for 12 weeks. then shoot 250mgs of sustanone 3 times a week for 12 weeks. You might want to run 10mgs of nolve a day through out the cycle to keep down thw water weight and prevent gyno. also maybe some b-6 to. Them run your clomid for 3 weeks, 2 weeks after your last injection.

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