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    Ok I just came off my cycle and am doing clomid, T3, yohimbe, ECA, and am thinking of adding ritalin. what effects would I feel, is there any benefit. I just have 800 20mg sr lying around from college and was wondering if I should take them.

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    hey bro,
    i have been prescribed ritilan, dexadrine and i'm now on adderall. i haven't done a cycle yet, but will start next week. anyway, from what i've gathered, you can do it on an AS cycle (of this i am skeptical due to blood pressure conflicts) but you should not stack ritilan with clen or ECA or any other "speed" for that matter.

    my doc who prescribed it to me told me specifically a drug like cocaine mixed with adderall could kill you (of course he is a doc and has to give worse case scenerio). do some research on it. there are several threads on this subject. search for "adderall"..."dexadrine"...or "ritilan"...they are all basically the same and serve the same purposes. hope this helped some bro.
    big rush

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    ritalin,, dont think of it inconjuction to gear,,

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