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    How much nolvadex with d-bol cycle only?

    Was planning on doing a 21day cycle with 20mg d-bol/day
    (this is the only stuff a can get my hands on)

    any recomendations on how much nolvadex would be wise to use with this cycle?

    Any clomid needed after such a cycle?

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    One of two ways. 10 mg ed will give you gains of nice lean mass from the Dbol without water retention. 40 mg ed if you get signs of gyno will give you gains that are puffier and smooth looking because you will retain water.

    Some guys prefer not taking the nolvadex unless necessary because they like the watery "steroid look".

    Your call. In the end, the water goes away and doesn't mean that you lost your lean muscle.

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    A d-bol only cycle is just not a very good idea! But, if you are going to do it anyway, you will need clomid postcycle! Probably no need for nolva unless you get signs of gyno!

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