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Thread: Winny/cramps

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    Question Winny/cramps

    Anybody think I'd experience cramps from using winny with reduced calorie diet? I'm geting ready for an event, cycling 400mg Primo/week and 50mg winny/day. Keep getting calf cramps. I drink a ton of water, take in a pretty large intake of potassium and this is my first experience with this cramping. Any thoughts?

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    pop some magnesium pills. deficiency of this mineral can be a bigger culprit for cramping than potassium.

    also, what do you consider large intake of potassium? a cheap way of getting mega potassium is to buy the "salt substitute" for people with high blood pressure. you can find these at most supermarkets. it's made of potassium chloride. 700mg/tsp (i think).

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