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    I have a source, actually a friend of mine a few states away. I was wondering is it pretty safe for him to send the gear to me, or is there a risk of getting nabbed? Any info would be appreciated.


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    LOL Juice, just tell him to ship it in a "small or medium sized box", it should be fine. Also may want to put on their "I love ya", just for nice gesture.. LOL>>>

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    even if you write that on there you'll probably still be safe lol.

    i had a package arrive once that had 2 broken bottles of eq in it because the source didn't pack it very well. it leaked oil all over the box, but it still made it fine.

    another time (2 years ago) the box was opened because the adhesives on those fuckers suck, but it still made it just fine.

    always go with domestic.

    also, tell your source to tape up the postal priority mail boxes (video tape size) cuz they often come open on their own.

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