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    Which give most potent androgenic effects?

    Crazy maybe, but I want to use steroids or prohormones that give strong androgenic effects over anabolic effects. I'm making gains, but I also want to take something that isolates an androgenic effect, basically because I want to get my voice to drop a few notes. Preferably prohormones/steroid alternatives rather that steroids because of the availability and cost.

    Has anyone got any experience or suggestions?


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    Anadrol 50 ... but be careful and read up a bit.... It is undoubtedly the most Anabolic , androgenic and most toxic... It is the GET BIG one of them all and must be taken seriously. I suggest you read your profiles part of this site before trying any drug suggested. Don't be afraid to get a check-up before any type of cycle. This reason is silly to risk for voice lowering. Ask your doctor first. You may want to go take some vocal lesson and simply ask how to lower your voice. Thats the best way and safest. Plus you may learn to sing well at the same time.
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    Cos we really want the harmful side effects of an androgenic substance!

    Hair Loss
    High Blood Pressure

    To name but a few.

    IMO that is a dumbass question from a KID!

    Do some reseach or do yourself a favour and post amore intellegent post!


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    Hmmm really know what you are doing don,t you?? I could make it a few octaves higher if you like with a quick kick to the gential area if that would help?

    Bro that is not why people do AAS its a crazy question


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    CYCLEON Guest
    hate to say but bud you need a bit more research - AS and prohormones are like comparing asprin and a shot of anasthetics, cept asprin actually works.

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    if you're looking for androgens, try halotestin . i promise you'll be pleased with how shitty it makes you feel.

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    Unless you're still going through puberty right now, or are female, or are prepubescent, I highly doubt an androgen will make any changes to your voice. And if you do fit these circumstances, I'd proscribe against using steroids for the other adverse effects they would have on someone like that.

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    sounds like high pitch eric from howard stern droped by

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    Cool "Crazy maybe?" Perhaps . . .

    Originally posted by crouchy
    Crazy maybe . . . basically because I want to get my voice to drop a few notes.
    [Get ready for one of my stranger posts . . .]

    Forgive the guys here, Crouchy, we do have a warped sense of humor. I mean, hell, if your voice is that high, perhaps you still have time to get into a boy band and . . . ah, never mind.

    Seriously, guys, Crouchy's profile indicates that he is 23 years old. And if you still happen to be singing soprano when you're 23, that can do a number on you. So let's address it seriously for a moment (if we can stop from imagining Crouchy wearing a kimono and singing "Un Bel Di," the high soprano aria from Madame Butterfly . . . Wait, perhaps I should use a different illustration, lest I blow my image as a dumb weight jock.)

    Anyway, Crouchy, my question is whether your voice is your only concern. In other words, at 23, are you experiencing a delayed puberty? And has your voice finished developing into its final adult range on its own?

    If there is some type of delayed puberty operating, whether in regard to your voice or any other facet, then there is an answer to your question. But the answer is a steroid - specifically, testosterone .

    You wrote about "prohormone/steroid alternatives ." Have you seen or heard the TV/radio ads that advertise such products, ads on the level of, "If you want to raise your testosterone levels and run around hornier than you've ever been, try new Pseudotest (or whatever)?" They're nonsense, Crouchy. Think logically: If you need to increase your testosterone level - and delayed puberty is a solid clinical reason for doing this - the best thing to raise your test is test, period. And that's why it is prescribed in cases of delayed puberty. In such cases, the dosage is very individualized, and takes into account chronological and skeletal age in determining both starting and any maintenance dose.

    Now, testosterone will lower your voice. (Just ask any woman who has used it.) But it will also have other androgenic effects on your body, potentially good or potentially not good, depending on your individuality. The question, then, is whether you need or want to address any of these. If you've read any of the posts on this forum regarding "site injections," I have to tell you that testosterone will work the same way - in a total context, not a selective context. In other words, it will not simply lower your voice and have no other effects, you will have to address the potential androgenic effects on the whole.

    The one thing you haven't addressed is why you want to lower your voice. Seriously, bro, are you simply having Barry White fantasies, do you want to change musically from a first tenor to a second bass, or is your voice so high-pitched that you find it embarrassing? The first two reasons are ridiculous; the third can be a legitimate reason to address this.

    My suggestion is that if you are truly concerned about a high-pitch voice at your age, see a doctor. Seriously, a physician will be able to tell you based on the big picture whether there is a medical reason for this, or whether you have other aspects of delayed puberty. If there is no medical reason, then I would suggest that you either get used to sounding like Porky Pig instead of Foghorn Leghorn and accept your voice, because self-acceptance is the most important step regarding anything that has to do with your bod'.

    And, incidentally, MarkyMark provided an excellent suggestion in his post (the second one in thie thread) - consider taking voice lessons. There are vocal techniques that can be used to help lower your vocal range, and tehse can be translated to your speaking voice as well.

    Ah, hell, let's digress for a moment - I want you to try one right now. Seriously. (C'mon, guys and gals, let's all do it together . . .)

    Imagine that you are in a doctor's office. The dude is holding the tongue depressor, stands in front of you, and says, "Okay, open wide and say Ahhhhhhh."

    Okay, do it. Now. Keep the sound going. And if you're using your voice to do it, stop. The only thing you should feel as you audibly listen to yourself go "Ahhhhh" is the vibration at the back of your throat. What you feel is called a "glottal stroke" or "glottal abrasion" (both terms are common in vocal study).

    Now say a few words using only the glottal stroke. Seriously, repeat after me, "Shit, I really feel like a jackass doing this." And try not to laugh, bro, you want to use only that glottal vibration to say it.

    Finally - and this will have you ROTFL if you don't take it seriously, say your vowels with an "M" at the beginning of each one, and to them in this order, again using only a glottal stroke: Say, spending at least half a second on each syllable, "Mee, may, mah, moe, moo, moe, mah, may meem."

    Once you can do that without laughing, sing it. Just like you were doing a musical scale, five notes up and five notes down. (For any one who remembers music from school, it's like singing, "Do-re-mi-fa-so [then go back down] fa-mi-re-do." Except do it using, "Mee, may, mah, moe, moo, [and go back down] moe, mah, may meem," not projecting, just using that glottal stroke.

    Now, sing something else, just a bar or two, and this time project a little more with your actual voice (not just the glottal stroke). Anything. Try The Star Spangled Banner. And when you start, make sure you are doing that glottal stroke as you pronounce the first "O" in "Oh, say can you see." Ease into the "O." As you come to the word "see," hold your gut in (it will happen natureally as you breathe out on the other words, but be aware of it) and tighten it - that way your voice won't lose the force you will gain on the second word "say."

    Now do the same thing again - The Star Spangled Banner, just the first first five words. But start a key lower. Then try it again, another key lower.

    Now sit back and congratulate yourself. If you did it right, the actual quality of your voice has already dropped a note.

    Bottom line, bro: If there's a medical cause for having a high voice, then testosterone (specifically, injectable testosterone, not necessarily the gel or patch versions) will help do the trick, but you have to look at the big picture before using it. And know that there are alternatives.

    As for the rest of my bro's, if Partyboy ever gets the NYC gig together, we'll be holding auditions for a ripped, stacked, bulked-up version of A Chorus Line. Hell, don't think there's anything gay about it. It will make the women go wild. So work on those freakin' vowels . . .
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    If you want to raise your testosterone levels and run around hornier than you've ever been, try new Pseudotest (or whatever)?"
    TNT that is some funny shit bro... Should have thought of that myself...... had to lol.

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