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Thread: EQ/Winny Diet?

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    EQ/Winny Diet?

    I am 6' 268 lbs. I am looking to drop my body fat % and gain more muscle. I am planning on starting the cycle monday which will consist of 400mg of EQ/week for 10 weeks. And 5 10mg winstrol tabs a day for weeks 7-12. I heard I should be consuming around 350g of protein a day and cut out carbs and starches completely. Can someone confirm this? Should I be cutting out carbs completely or keep them below 100? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    600mg a week of eq. Protein looks good. Carbs are great man no need to cut them out that much. I am taking 600mg a week of eq right now and eating straight bullshit and still dropping fat like you do the local drunkard that gets rowdy. Weeks 6-12 or more for winny.

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    Remember, Eq will increase your appetite. Control your carb cravings. Try AlA at like 1000mgs a day. Very good stuff. Also I would not end my cycle with winny. It shuts you down pretty bad and you may experience a "crash" at end of cycle. Peace.
    Also you didn't mention body fat %, but if it is high, I would keep carbs real low.

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    if you don't end your cycle with winny, when do you take it? in the beginning of the cycle,or do you end the winny the same time as the EQ?

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    I never cut out the carbs when im dieting. If you have never had a low carb diet before, you tend to crash very hard. Keep your carbs high at the beginning of your day and then taper down towards the end of your day. If your cut carbs out completly, you will not get the that "pump" in your muscles but rather a more flat look. You might want to consider adding some clenbuteral/eca during the last two weeks of your cycle. This will help you burn fat while your adding muscle.
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