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    ive been looking around the site for a few days thinking about my next cycle. HALO has come into my head i have a few general Q's like the price it would be in mex. could i only find stenox in mex(2.5mg) or the 10mg halo's. also should it be run at the beginning or end of a 10 wk cyp and deca cylce? im finishing my first cylce 10 wk deca 400wk test eth 400-600 wk. i think a low dose would be best for me w/ the halo 15-25mg day. thanks

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    i would run the halo for the last 4 wks.if you are already at low bf it will harden you up,becareful halo can be a bad idea if you fly off the haldl easily

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    Whats up Tex,
    I don't know jack about halo, but I'm starting a similar cycle as what you described as your first. I opted for the EQ instead of deca though. What kind of results did you see from your first cycle? Stats? Hope you don't mind the off topic question....

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    finish your cycle off w/ halo. it actually stacks well w/ deca . start it on the last week of deca and run it for 3 weeks after your last deca shot.

    i'm familiar with the 2.5mg, but not the 10mg ones.

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    try to get the upjohn halo. it always feels a little cleaner to me

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    Bro, just gor done using "halo" stenox 2.5 tabs. I ran it for the first 4 weeks into my cycle BTW. All i can say "man tha that sh** is wicked" stregnth went up not to mention the agression WOW it was really something. Youll feel the tabs the very first day and the pumps are just awesome. The skin gets very tight around the muscle and the hardness i experienced was just amazing bro. Make sure to run it around 20mg/day even up them around week 2-3 to 25mg/day. I did not get any neg. sides just make sure to run some "milk thisle" and drink plenty of water. I am not too sure about the price in mex. they go around for 110/200tabs around here.

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