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    Unhappy fat burn/catabolism

    the question is what suppliments/clen ,t3 work best for burning fat. there are suppliments containing substances such as gugglesterones, norephedrine,ephedrine, caffeine, yohimbe, and it is all increased by the blood thinning properties of a happy little aspirin tablet... do these, or the use of t3 and clen eat away at the MUSCLE as well as the fat? i am aware that t3 does, but how much so compared to when you are actually in a cyc? do these things also help with any side effects such as water retention. if the cytomel is known to eat away at muscle, then how come people will state that it also helps the muscles digest and store protein, as clen also supposedly does? could someone please clarify this, thanks.

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    Well there are mixed emotions on your question. personally T 3 will hender some muscle, but if you stack it properly your lose will be minimum. I have seen t 3 being used in the middle of a cycle of AS. This would seem logical to me, becasue whatever you may loose you will get back again at the finish of your cycle.
    But then again, doing AS is sometimes about sacrifice. For instance when a BB goes on a cutting cycle, he knows that he will loose some mass and muscle, but that is the sacrifice he takes. Same when bulking, everyone knows that they are going to loose their cuts. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do both. You have to do one of the other.
    Clen in my opinon is probally best as far as keeping gains, but T 3 is better as burning fat. I think that if you do Clen with an ECa stack you will see good results that is what I am doing right now, and seeing some good gains.

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    great post above, clen helps perserve muscle and will perserve with a limited calorie diet.. try some clen and a hydroxcut or a xedradine. Remember when it comes to burning fat do cardio moderately as long as your heart rate is up and your sweating thats good. If you go balls out to the point of light headed, sick feeling ect. that means you are burning up alot of muscle also.
    cardio on a empty stomach is very important!

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    t3 is the most powerful fat burner, but is also one of the most catabolic to your muscles. i've said it before, but it doesn't matter what steroids i'm taking with t3, i'll still lose a shitload of muscle, so i'm done taking t3 for good.

    dnp has been the only effective dietary supp for me to lose fat and not as much muscle, but it's very tough on the body.

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