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Thread: Air Bubbles

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    Air Bubbles

    I'm having trouble drawing up the gear in the syringe without getting air bubbles. I am able to get the majority out buy flicking it and doing the normal procedures but there is always a few tiny, tiny bubbles that will not move no matter what I do. I'm going to get some 18guage needles to draw up the gear and see if that helps but in the meantime can those tiny air bubbles cause any problems. So far I have had no problems but just checking.

    P.S. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help I got with combining my gear into one shoot. I combined them and everything went smooth, actually it was the best shoot yet. Now after my friends called me stupid for even thinking of doing that, guess who's going to be combining their shoots next time.

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    Depends what your drawing up, at the mo I draw up 2cc of Norma Hella and then 1cc of sus from an Amp, I get a few bubbles from the Sus, thats normal, turn upside down and flick this should disperse. I then leave the syringe in a hot glass of water for 10 minutes and then change pins and flick all bubbles to top and put pressure on the plunger and then normally disperses 99% of them. Don't worry about a few bubbles, it would only kill you if you injected a damn big bubble straight into a vein.


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    I read a post very similar to this recently, I think here, but maybe not. Those last little bubbles will do not harm to you, as they haven't done so lately. It's not like you're injecting air into a VEIN. Anyway, I heard it takes something ridiculous like 5cc+ of air to induce death. And that has to be directly shot into a vein to do that. You're safe bro, just get out as much as you can. Keep it up.


    By the way, THAT'S RIGHT you tell your friends how to shoot!!!LOL

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    It doesnt take 5ccs of air in a vein - but anyway you're fine - get as much as you can out with the air bubbles - you should be able to get most - whatever you miss dont worry bout - just aspirate the syringe and be safe

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