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    Anabolic Steroids and medication

    Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine has been prescribed anti depressants by the doctor, but she is also taking winstrol and primobolan . The doctor does not know that she is taking anabolics, does anybody know how these 2 would counteract with each other.

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    she should ask the doc. the doc can't get her in trouble. they're bound by patient doctor confidentiality.

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    Depends on the Anti-Depressant . . .

    Hi, Miya, and welcome to the board . . .

    You did not specify which anti-depressant your friend is on; what I usually recommend is that you go to the prescribing information (the official product literature from the manufacturer) so see if there is any impact or interaction between the drug and steroids . (Most drugs will not refer to anabolics, but some will refer to systemic steroids, so I tend to err on teh side of safety.)

    The other suggestion I would have is that your friend be up front with her doctor about any AS use. As my distinguished colleague () Dr. Evil noted, the physician-patient relationship is confidential, but I usually advise asking the doctor not to mention the AS in the patient's chart so it does not come up in the event that the chart is subpoenaed in the future (say, for a court case in the event of an accident). If a physician is not comfortable addressing AS issues for a patient (which does not mean supplying the patient, merely addressing the impact from an honest medical perspective), it's time to find a new physician.

    What I can tell you is that here at A.R., our merry band of marauders includes several people who are on Adderall, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft. In fact, take a phrase like ___________ disorder (fill in the blank), and you're likely to find someone around this joint who has it. We also have a pharmacologist who posted on the board a while back, and his position was that the drugs I've mentioned in this paragraph are not significantly impacted by AS use, nor vice versa.

    If you want to do further research, you can use the Search function (at the top of this screen) to do a search on terms like depression or SSRI (the drug classification of many anti-depressants). In fact, there was a fairly extensive thread recently that addressed clinical depression, and you'll find it here.

    Again, Miya, welcome.

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    is it paxil??

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    I am on remeron -wellbutin and depakote and the doc has a script for me to use maintenance of test cyp. of 200 mg E.W. but I have not told the doc about winny-deca -dbol -arim-hcg because the insurance company can use this against you if you have a major med. problem like a heart condition pop up.My doc. told me when I went on toprol for high blood pressure that it would have to be reported to the ins. in case of a future developement and I bet the ins. co. can cancel me for this.

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    Call a pharmacist. They will know what drugs can and cannot interact. Do not tell your Dr. One reason has been mentioned above medical records can be viewed by insurance companies and any doctor treating a patient for clinical depression and not bothering to mention she is on hormones is setting himself up for one hell of a lawsuit. Secondly, as soon as he finds out she is on he is going to blame the depression on the steroids and stop treating the problem.

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