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    moreon alpha lipoic acid and CKDs.

    since I got a lot of PM on this last thread I decided to copy and paste one of the pm s I created for more info.

    Hahaah I was considering lipo also, and I went to put the down payment down, so now the freaking dr owes me 2 grand, non refundable, so I might give my gf some boobs. I thought they would never go away, I tried everything, roids, crash diets, supplements, t3, clen , ECA...nothing works. Now Im on this combo: Stacker 2, Yohimbe, Yohimburn (stuff works), Thiomucase cream (for the two days off yohimburn), T3, and of course the new alpha lipoic acid. Do a search on this board to see where you can get it in bulk. I got my first batch at GNC. 200mg 60 caps for 20 bucks. veyr expensive if your taking what Im taking 1 gram before every meal. or less if its pure fat and protein. you can also get it at rite aid but those are ridiculous doses I bought twenty bottles there one time, (corporate discount) because theya re 50mg 30 capsules. The pahrmacist looked at me like I was crazy when I opened a bottle a chuged 30 capsules in onwe swallow no water.! :-) if you need anything else pm me, nothing sucks more than having a less than perfect self image. My friends mostly grils always begged me to take my shirt off at the beach and stuff because I have a good body very vascular, face, arms, legs, chest, but my abdominal area was always covered so nobody knew. good luck

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    i dont get it????

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    yeah who makes the most potent ala these days...i say ast made a 200 mg....there has to be something stronger??Anyone know??? thanks


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