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    Clomid V.S Novaldex.

    Ok I know this might have been discussed before, and I feel like I might get flamed for this but I just gota know...

    How effective is clomid as an antiestrogen compared to Novaldex.

    Thier chemical structures seem to be the similar and I've had at least 3 people tell me that Clomid is effective in preventing Gyno.

    What I wanna know is how effective it is (say on a scale of 10) and at what dosages per day should it be used to prevent gyno if it is effective....

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    Clomid has SOME antiesters, but not as much as Nolv. Clomid is used post cycle to get your normal test levels back up. Nolv is used during your cycle as an anti ester.

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    Clomid as anti-e is usless IMO. Go with Nolva, better yet arimadex

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    clomid is mildly effective. if you're counting on it to prevent gyno then you're gonna be out of luck. it's a good post cycle anti-e and endocrine stimulator.

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