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    Exclamation Teens ready for gear!

    I know how it is I've been there but do yourself a favor and wait. After the new year, I was ready to order gear but luckily I spent my money elsewhere. Before you make the ultimate decision give yourself 2 months. I can almost guarentee you will be shocked. During these two months do everything perfect. How many of you can say that you did everything right before and didn't gain. Diet and rest should be first. Eat more protein that you ever thought possible. If you're trying cut up, stay away from carbs at night. If you're into rec. drugs....lose them for a while. Training is an individual thing. Try doing somthing where you only hit one major bodypart per day.(like Big Kev's in the training forum) I just want to prove a point that gear really isn't needed yet. Just do everything as perfect as possible. Personnaly, I did this because of funds but have came to the conclusion that we don't need gear. Two months of waiting isn't going to kill you but I bet you'll change your mind. I'm trying to find a before pic but check out the changes i made.


    Feb. 4
    BB Bench 1. 12x135 2. 10x195 3. 8x205
    4. 6x215 5. 4x225 6. 2x235
    7. 6x195
    Feb. 8
    BB Squat. 1. 12x135 2. 10x225 3. 8x235
    4. 6x245 5. 4x255 6. 2x265
    7. 6x225


    weight 178
    Mar. 14
    BB Bench 1. 12x135 2. 10x225 3. 8x235
    4. 6x245 5. 4x255 4. 2x265
    7. 6x225

    Mar. 18
    BB Squat 1. 12x135 2. 10x255 3. 8x275
    4. 6x295 5. 4x 315 6. 2x335
    7. 6x255

    My bodyfat has definately dropped as well. My whole routine is too much to type. But if you're thinking about juicing and still young and want a copy let me know. Just take some time and see what you can actually do naturally. It's only been a little over a month and I made changes I thought would only come with gear. You'll be amazed what complete dedication can do.

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    Cobra Kid,

    That was probably one of the best posts I think I've ever read. Congratulations to you and keep up the good work!!! If thats not proof of all the natural test running around in a teens system, I dont know what is!! One question though, what is your age?
    You've gotten ME envious of your gains! DAMN!!

    Ok folks, there you have it. LIVING PROOF that you dont need gear as a teen! I've said before and I'll say it again, I wish to GOD that I had half the natural test in my system that a 16-18 year old male has! Growth comes quick if you keep a good anabolic diet, and pound the weights hard and heavy.

    Man, if I would have had a clue when I was a teen. I didnt use any gear, but my diet and exercise was nowhere near what Cobra is doing.

    Kudos to you Cobra!

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    I think the young'uns need to read this.

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    Great post bro.

    I think a lot of teenagers including myself, get this unbearable urge to juice just they can "be swoll" for the summer. Forget that man. If you want to be swoll for the summer set some goals for next summer. I mean, if he got those gains in a little over a month, imagine what he'll be looking like next june if he sticks with his program.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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    Jarhead, I actually just turned 18 last month. I used to think that when all the experienced people said " you have enough natural test " was somewhat true but I had no idea to what extent. I'd have to say that the biggest change I made was do to my diet. Alough I lifted like a madman, I ate even better. Since the begining of Feb. I ate hundreds of protein bars(Seriously), they all taste like cardboard now. I hope keep gaining like this for a while.

    I urge any teen that is going to take gear to take a few months and get everthing in check, then make the decision.

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    I am 24, but I like the suggestion to wait two monthes after deciding to use AS. I actually have put in my order, but my season doesn't start till September (football). I have decided to go naturally untill July, than start an 8 week cycle to be completed right before the being of the season. Or should I wait and use during the season, it is minor leauge, no drug testing that I know of. Since I didn't start lifting seriously till about a year ago, I am following the suggestins made to teens to build to my natural portential first.

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    he is right if u do everything right u have no choice but to grow. that was a great post bro. i myself waited to use AS until i quit growing naturally. i gained 45lb and everyone accused me of juicing but that got to b the part u luv.

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    I jumped straight into juice 5 months after I ever stated my bodybuilding career, I was 16. Yeh I know, Big mistake - I wish i was taller like the rest of my family but you live and learn i guess.
    My Advice don't touch the shit unless you are atleast 23.


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    I agree with training for a long time before doing AS. I have trained my ass off for 6 years. I can bench 320lbs naturally. I made the decision to juice 5 months ago. People can say what they want but training results speak for themself and AS will take me to the next level.


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