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    Shrunken Sak is offline Junior Member
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    Seems like someone could make alot of money selling injectable fina

    I'm suprised people haven't started making loads of injectable fina and selling it. I personally would be worried about buying it from someone I didn't know, but It sounds like a gold mine, if someone made their own high quality injectable fina from the pellets.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    two out of every three sources I know have this on their inventory.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    its a lot higher quality stuff tho if they make it form tren ace directly rather than have to process fina. you can tell by the color of the oil. Trenbolone is one the more expensive AAS tho, only anavar and primo (if I could find some ) are higher.

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    Mike Guest
    It would be but I dont know if others feels as I do but there are really few sources I would trust to make fina injs for me - I would just rather do it myself, not worry bout the safety and save myself the mark up

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    The Iron Game Guest
    cost me $60 for a cycle of fina, make it yourself

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    Roid Rogers is offline Junior Member
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    if you look around the net you can buy extraction kits for $40 they even come with directions

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