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Thread: Bakeing ** Gear

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    Bakeing ** Gear

    I have heard that bakeing ** gear will help kill bacteria or help lesson the painfull injections.

    How do you bake his gear?
    I am useing his prop/susp blend @ 100mg ed
    It hurts so bad i feel like a train wreck. Please Help

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    I believe you just load the syringe and run it under hot water. I could be wrong but this is what I think I have read.


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    I was told to bake it to ease the pain as well. And, the person who told me is a very knowledgable and respected MOD here. But, others will tell you to never do it. I did it, and won't do it again. Here is what I was told to do -

    225 degrees for 15 mins. Stick a pin (just the needle) into the top of the vial to let air escape. The plastic will melt at the top of the needle, but it's ok.

    Well, I did exactly that. I have had 2 more shots of ** Sust/Deca mixture since then, and the pain is still there. I'm about fed up with the pain, and so is my wife from hearing me bitch about it.

    I'll never bake again, and more importantly, I'll never use **'s oils again, either.

    Good luck.

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    Don't think I would use them anyway...

    stick to the orals.... where is the quality control in **'s lab? How do you know what you are stickin? Could get some funky ass disease... I would bake it, to kill any fucked up disease you could get.

    I am funny about shit like that.

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